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On Target implemented virtualization for us across the enterprise, solved our latency issues through WAN optimization saving us on bandwidth and communications costs, and helped design and implement our network build-out.
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Information Security Services

Do you store customer information? Do you accept credit cards? Do you have a comprehensive Information Security process?

There are many considerations related to Information Security, including not only the technology used but access to the information and material contained within your systems. A breach of security resulting in the loss or exposure of your data will result in significant penalties to your business and jeopardize your reputation as well as business revenue.

On Target IT Solutions have specialists dedicated to Information Security Services. Don’t wait until it’s too late, let On Target IT Solutions help you protect your business.

On Target IT Solutions will help you:
  • On Target IT Solutions will help you: Assess your current level of risk and exposure
  • Develop a written Information Security program to reduce or eliminate your risk
  • Evaluate your IT Infrastructure
  • Recommend IT enhancements that are required

Common FAQs

How vulnerable am I really to a hacker?
Any computer connected to the Internet is vulnerable to malicious activity. Hackers and criminal organizations scan the Internet for computers which may be susceptible to attack, and they focus their energy on those computers. While one particular machine may not have data on it that is of particular interest to a criminal, your computer may be used as part of an attack on other networks. Any unprotected computer is vulnerable to this sort of penetration.

What is a security breach?
A security breach is an unauthorized possession of unencrypted data that may be used to compromise the security or integrity of personal data and creates a significant risk of identity theft.

What happens in the event of a security violation?
If an incident occurs, you are required to alert the State Attorney General, the affected party, and depending upon your location, additional government institutions. The law also requires that when a company reports a breach, it also provides details of the steps that have been taken to prevent a breach from occurring again.

What changes will companies need to make?
You will need to develop a written Information Security program and enforce compliance from all employees. You will need to evaluate your IT Infrastructure to make sure your data is encrypted, access to personal information is restricted, passwords are changed regularly, and you maintain up-to-date hardware and software including firewall, antivirus, and malware protection.

Does a company dealing with HIPAA requirements have additional work to do? What about other industries?
If your business deals with patient information you are required to follow HIPAA requirements related to Information Security. Other industries, including those dealing with finances, have additional regulations. On Target IT Solutions always uses NIST guidelines when making recommendations for our clients.


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