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Voice Over IP

We have partnered with Adaption Technologies to deploy their SIP Advantage platform for business. While there are many, many players in VoIP world, SIP Advantage is engineered and deployed with the business user in mind and is specifically designed to put more control in to the hands of the end user. We have the ability to issue new numbers, port and reuse existing numbers, and are fully compliant with E911. The entire system is controlled by a user configured web dashboard. Connectivity to the PSTN, number porting, and CNAM updates are provided by Verizon, so both cross-country call quality and ubiquity of service are the same as traditional telephone lines.

We have three main products and any of these might suit your needs. These service offerings can be mixed and matched depending on the number and type of locations you might be trying to serve. The product categories are:

  • OfficePhone- This is best for users who want to buy “by the line” or “line at a time” and a service that is fully hosted. All that is required is decent Internet Access. This service is generally supported with VoIP handsets from Polycom or Cisco but also can use traditional analog phones. This service is ideally suited for 2-50 lines at a site and users who do not own or want to buy a PBX and who do not want to support and manage their own soft PBX system.

  • OfficeLine- This is for users who have already invested in an analog system or have an analog PBX (key system) in place and want to keep that, but take a step in to VoIP and save some money. With this service you can purchase line by line services and continue to use your existing POTS hardware. This is VoIP to the premises with an analog handoff or demarc.

  • OfficeTrunk- This service is for users who want to host, manage and control their own soft IP/PBX system on their premise. This is a good approach if your company has an IT staff that is, or can become, competent in managing the premise based software PBX.

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